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Run a club, not a web site.

A cycling club comes with responsibilities. Buildng and maintaining a functional, feature-rich club web site doesn't have to be one of them. Use our software and spend your time organizing events, fundraising, getting people on bikes, or enjoying what the outdoors has to offer.

Wouldn't you rather be out there?

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Got a waiver?

If your club organizes a ride, and someone has an accident and gets injured, the club may be legally liable for damages. Collecting ride participants' waiver signatures for every ride can help, and we got the tools to collect them. Our web site lets riders sign up on the web or finger sign on a phone at the ride start. Ride leaders can take photo of a signup sheet with signatures and upload it.

Learn more from Bob Mionske's VeloNews article and League of American Bicyclists' web site. Also, see a sample waiver provided by American Specialty Insurance on its web site.

The information provided here is solely for general interest. It is not legal advise. You should not act upon any information contained in the website without first seeking the advice of legal counsel.

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Feature rich

Just like a fancy coffee machine, MyCycle.Club offers many features. We built it to run a real world cycling club. We know that even a simple ride is not that simple. It can be road, gravel, or singletrack. It may be an all-out hammerfest, even if riders are not racers, or it may focus on experiences, camaraderie, and good coffee. Routes can be posted on RideWithGPS or Strava for easy access. Ride leaders need to collect liability waiver signatures to protect themselves and their club from possible litigation.

Our web site can help with all that and much more.

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500+ members?

We realize that large clubs have unique needs. Please contact us directly at support (at) for special pricing and/or customizations. We are happy to work closely with your developers. Even if you are not using our platform, let us know about the features you'd like to see. Maybe we can change your mind.