Keep them coming back

Give your customers more reasons to come back. How about a coffee ride that appeals to an audience beyond traditional lycra crowd? We have a full blown, cycling specific platform for events and rides. Our website can send notifications, track signups, and get liability waiver signatures. You still have to supply the coffee, though.

Did we mention liability waivers? A signed waiver does not provide a 100% liability protection, but it does present a strong legal argument in your favor should legal questions arise.

Learn more from Bob Mionske's VeloNews article and League of American Bicyclists' web site. Also, see a sample waiver provided by American Specialty Insurance on its web site.

The information provided here is solely for general interest. It is not legal advise. You should not act upon any information contained in the website without first seeking the advice of legal counsel.

Bike + coffee shop

Build a better community

You already have a group of dedicated riders. We provide yet another way to engage them. Any time riders check who signed up for Saturday morning's ride, they will see your shop's logo and whatever else you want to show them. Adding custom content to ride or event page takes only a minute, so riders always know what is happening at the shop. Our web site is not going to replace your social media pages, but it can complement it nicely. And there are no ads to distract them from your message.