A smart investment

If you're a member of a racing team, our web site provides an easy way to organize team rides, track race participation, and post results. At the end of the year, ride and event history can show team backers where their investment dollars went. On top of it, time spent not maintaining a custom web site is time spent training or just riding with your teammates.

Wouldn't you rather be out there?

Two cyclists in a field

Got a waiver?

If your team organizes a ride, and someone has an accident and gets injured, the team may be legally liable for damages.

Obtaining insurance and limiting liability is a big reason for incorporating team as a separate legal entity. We can help by collecting ride participants' waiver signatures for every ride. A signed waiver becomes a strong legal argument in your favor.

Learn more from Bob Mionske's VeloNews article and League of American Bicyclists' web site. Also, see a sample waiver provided by American Specialty Insurance on its web site.

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