Index page showing rides

Show us your ride

Club rides are visible to everyone. Ride leader, start location, and other sensitive information is kept private until one logs in. A non-member can easily join the club at this point.

Club rides on a map

Club members get even better view

Once logged in, members can see who leads the ride and where the ride starts from. Note user name in the top right corner.

Club rides' list

Rides, rides everywhere...

Upcoming rides are prominently featured the moment club members log in. Highlighted links on both main menu and top bar point to the ride page as well.

Rider sign-up

Easy sign-up

Riders can see who signed up, sign up themselves without fully committing for a ride, and leave ride comments. Ride leaders can gauge interest in the ride and set expectations on who is coming. Ride comments can be disabled at leaders' discretion.

Rider waiver

Mandatory waiver

Every rider must sign a custom, club provided waiver for liability and insurance purposes. While we never want to see someone hurt on a ride, accidents happen. Signing a liability waiver is a small inconvenience compared to a lawsuit. If a member shows up for a ride without signing up, ride leaders can still get an electronic (finger signed) waiver on the mobile version of the web site.