Start a cycling club

Does your club software do Strava? Ours does. We run a full featured web-based cycling club software package. It is built, maintained and hosted by cyclists, and is based on experience of running an actual cycling club. Why settle for a generic club management product when you can have exactly what you need?


Save time

Spend days building your club's web site.
Or 5 minutes registering for ours.

How much is your time worth? Building a web site could be fun, but putting together a fully featured club site can take days or weeks, depending on what club's needs are. What about ongoing support and maintenance? Issues can crop up when you least expect them to. And Saturdays can be spent troubleshooting instead of hanging out with family. We've been there. That's why we provide full time monitoring and support.

Wouldn't you rather be riding, anyway?


Easy to switch

If you have a club web site and want to set up users on MyCycle.Club, just send us a spreadsheet with first names, last names, and email addresses. We will create user accounts with random passwords and assist you with further setup as necessary. Then copy club's existing HTML content at your pace. With a private MyCycle.Club URL, your current web site can run in parallel in ours. Switch whenever you feel comfortable, and keep peace of mind knowing that you can quickly switch back.

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We are proud to support the League of American Bicyclists, a national cycling advocacy organization.

Not sure how to start a club or a riding group? The League can help with legal questions and insurance.