Prominent links

Prominent links

Connect to your club's Strava, RideWithGPS, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts. We'll display links prominently on every page to engage club members.

Social media setup

Reuse existing content

Your club and its members already have tons of content out there. Stories, pictures, videos, you name it. That's why we implemented easy integration of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube content. You can add a social media post as a part of club's functional pages (such as Rides or Events) or as their own standalone pages. Generally, inline or standalone page formats work best, but some Facebook feeds are narrow and can be shown as popups instead. Try it and see what works best. We provide a short integration guide for each platform, so help is only a click away.

Facebook feed example

Integrated feeds

This is an example of integrating MyCycle.Club's ride management features with a Facebook newsfeed. Have a preferred way of doing things? Our web site can adjust to suit your needs.