Ride categories

Define ride categories

It is your club, so why use someone else's ride riding category definitions? While we like letters optionally followed by +/- signs, that's an overkill for small clubs or semi-organized groups. How about simply "Road" and "Mountain"? Or perhaps "Kid friendly"? It's your choice.

New ride screen

Create rides from scratch...

Use powerful Google® Maps features to set starting location. Your riding buddies will see a link that brings up Google® Maps on their phones, making getting to the ride hassle free.

Copy past ride

...or copy past rides

Have a recurring weekly ride? Just pick one from last week, set new date and time, and it is good to go.

Ride content editor

Add some flair

You don't have to settle for plain, boring text. But then, you could also choose to keep it short, simple and concise. Options are good.