Privacy policy


MyCycle.Club is a venture of VU Consulting Services, a Connecticut corporation. The web site you're viewing is powered by the software created by MyCycle.Club.

We need to process some personal information to offer club management services. By using this web site you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Service and this privacy policy, including how and why we use your information. You acknowledge that MyCycle.Club will use your information in the United States as well as any other country where MyCycle.Club operates. If you do not want us to collect or process your personal information as described herein, you should stop using the web site. We limited the use of your data to a minimum, and further restrictions will severely affect the quality of service.

What is collected

We collect and store your email address and IP address upon every visit. Your password is collected upon login and immediately converted into a cryptographic hash using one-way encryption. Plain text password is not stored at any point, and we cannot see or recover it.

We collect and store further information as it gets entered and submitted using forms on this web site. That information includes your profile picture, club page content, discussion posts, and stories, among other things. It is accessible to our technical support, and it may also be accessible to some members of your cycle club, depending on their privileges, your privacy settings, and content settings. All communications submitted using the web site are stored and may be accessed by club's administrators and MyCycle.Club's technical support. While MyCycle.Club does not and will not republish your content, you should assume that any content submitted the web site may become public at any point. Club administrators have wide latitude on how to run clubs. On the other hand, MyCycle.Club is an online service provider that does not moderate content or activity.

If you process a payment on this web site, we collect PayPal order confirmation replies. While it does not contain financial information, it may include additional data that is not provided in the data entry forms on this web site. PayPal responses are not viewable by other club members, including administrators. However, they are visible to MyCycle.Club's technical support and may be examined if payment disputes arise. We do not collect any financial or billing information to process payments.

How the information is collected

Registering for club ran by MyCycle.Club software requires a valid email address and a password. Email address is then used for all club communication. Password is immediately converted into a cryptographic hash using one-way encryption.

Once email address is confirmed, we ask for your name, phone number, and emergency contact information through User profile page. This is a bare minimum of information required to participate in club's rides. It is also common sense, as ride leaders should be able to contact you during the ride. Emergency contact information is meant to be used in case of accidents or other emergencies, but ride leaders have unrestricted access to it. If you sign up for an event, event administrators have access to the same information as ride leaders. Again, this is common sense because most events involve riding.

If you process a payment on this web site, we collect PayPal order confirmation replies.

MyCycle.Club does not share information submitted to this web site with any third parties.

How the information is used

MyCycle.Club uses all collected information for the exclusive purpose of maintaining cycling communities. MyCycle.Club does not share collected information with any marketing, affiliate, analytics processing, or other third parties.

Note that we use Google APIs for mapping and related functionality. While we do not specifically transfer any of collected information to Google, built-in map functionality such as searching for a location is sent to Google services. We have no control over Google's privacy policy, but it can found at