Event signup

Easy sign up

Club members can sign up themselves and their family members (who don't have to belong to the club themselves). Events can be free, fee-based, or both, but they are limited to club members. MyCycle.Club charges a small percentage of gross fees on all payments.

Event setup

Flexible setup

Our event platform already knows who club members are, and it is integrated with the rest of club's web site. Need a special event waiver that goes above and beyond club's waiver? We got that. No special waiver? Members need fewer clicks to sign up. Need a few volunteers to help out? We can handle that. Multiple pricing options and date-based pricing? Can do. Want to have an event specific discussion topic? It is created automatically. Posting event results? We'll save them and notify all event participants.

Volunteer shift setup

Help is on the way

Setting up shifts, assigning reward points, and recruiting volunteers is a part of the platform. Event organizers can send emails to the club members asking for help, with exact shifts and number of opened positions already filled in. Organizers can also contact volunteers directly. Club members see all available volunteering options on a separate page, and the dashboard includes all events/shifts/dates they volunteered for.

Past events

One stop shop

Running a club event can be stressful. But the next day, all of event's information is in one place. Send a thank you note to event participants or volunteers or download complete lists of either? Right here. Upload or update results? Sure thing. Create another event just like yesterday's? Aren't you tired?.. but yes, you could.