Know your riders

Ride leaders have a commanding view of their rides. There is a one line summary and a complete list of riders. There are pictures of riders, too, if members chose to upload them, so ride leaders do not have to wonder who that new person is. Leaders can contact all riders through an email blast, print signup sheets, or use digital signature page to get liability waiver from riders that didn't sign up through the web site beforehand.

Ride status request

Get ride status reports

Ride leaders can see all rides they're about to lead as well as all rides they signed up for immediately upon sign in. If there are outstanding ride status reports, there are both web and email reminders.

Ride status form

Track ride status

Uploading ride status is easy whether ride leaders use a computer or a mobile device. If an incident occurs on the ride, ride leaders can upload the insurance form using the same screen.

Past rides

History at your fingertips

All signup and status information, including signup lists, electronic signatures and uploaded insurance forms, is accessible from Past rides screen.