10/31/2019 - Cleaner UI, improved image handling + page top banners

If your goal is to simply have a ride board with a clean look and as few options as possible, new Simple view is the way to go. Go to Administration - Club setup - Appearance, turn Simple view on, and Save settings Next, go to Features tab and disable features you don't want. Now, you have a simple one level menu with only a few options.

Page top graphics are not essential, but they can make a web site look good. Go to Administration - Banners to upload some images and assign pages they should appear on. Images will automatically resized to fit desktop, table, and mobile screens. It's that easy.

10/16/2019 - Use Facebook and Google to register and login

Use your existing Facebook and Google for both registration and sign in! We reuse first name, last name, and email associated with your account from either platform. We also create a random password for your MyCycle.Club account, just as if you were registering using email only. If your Facebook or Google account has an issue, you can always use that password to log in directly or request a new one through email.

10/5/2019 - Strava support

MyCycle.Club now supports Strava routes! You can now copy/paste a public Strava route's URL into RWGPS/Strava URL field. Click Validate to fetch Strava data. Strava will ask if you want to give us permissions to read public routes. Please do, otherwise it will not work. Next, click Populate to paste Strava's route's starting point, distance, and elevation into corresponding ride fields. If the route changes, click Reset, Validate, and Populate, in that order. Our web site will go back to Strava, fetch updated ride info, and populate new ride info.